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Sette Nix SPD Shoe

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Sette Nix SPD Shoe

The Nix from Sette is a great option if you're looking for a little style in a clipless compatible shoe. The Nix features a durable, high grip outer sole with a recessed cut-away mount that will fit any SPD style two bolt cleat. Inside is a highly rigid plate that will withstand flexing even under high stress full power situations.

  • Outer sole has a tread pattern that is platform friendly for those hairball moments when you need to unclip
  • Reflective accents on the heel will help keep you visible if you get caught out after dark
  • Upper is made from synthetic leather and has a very clever Velcro strap to keep the laces out of your way
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My second time around - Jun 06, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

This is my 2nd time getting the Sette Nix. I had my original ones for almost 3 years. Prior to that I had its predecessor, the original Sette Nix, but they weren't called the Nix, it was something else and they were black instead of white. I got those OG shoes back in 2006! Loved them so much that I kept bugging the guys at Sette to bring them back. Why? Well its a simple matter of fashion. I just don't like traditional XC mountain bike shoes. They look like ballet slippers with buckles and straps. But with the Sette Nix they look like normal shoes with SPD compatibility. The title of my review is called "My second time around" for the reason that I had a pair that I still use from 2010. They're getting worn out but they're still intact. The stitching has never come undone, the shoe laces never broke, the big strap across the top is still in one piece. The only thing that has worn out some would be the soles. That's probably because I used the Sette Nix for DH racing and a few XC races. It's seen action in Mammoth, Southridge and dozens of runs at Snow Summit. Another reason why I love these shoes is the fact that I can walk in them. One of my favorite things to do after a ride is to go eat. I don't have to worry about changing shoes because I can get off the bike, walk into a burrito pace and get myself a 3 foot burrito with a diet coke! I don't have to worry about slipping or walking funny because the soles are shaped weird like traditional cycling shoes. I forgot to mention that my Sette Nix have seen a few hundred commuting miles. Did you notice that the Nix have a reflective material on the back so cars can see you at night, genius! Oh ya, going back to the title. I have a brand new pair of Sette Nix shoes, still in the box. Those would be my 2nd pair, but total of 3 Sette Shoes in the last 7 years. Sette continues to impress me with the quality of products they are coming up with. I love how they are breaking the grip of larger company's hands off my wallet. Do you realize how many Sette products I own just because it was the affordable alternative? Well let's go through some of the stuff I've owned at some point or another that came from Sette. Venom Vexx bars stem-still have that! 4 pairs of Sette shoes gloves saddle bags tools:headpress tool, star nut installer and a bunch of tire levers jerseys shorts sunglasses patch kits pumps Yep, I've owned all those items. But I digress, the shoes. Remember we were talking about them. Well the good thing about those is quality. For a "generic" brand...c'mon let's be honest here, Sette is not 661 or Shimano. But! Sette gives those bigger brands a run for their money. Just look at my list of Sette products, do you really think I'd keep buying Sette stuff if it didn't last? I know I'm cheap...well more like Frugal, but I also know and want quality. Sette speaks and makes quality products and this is why I keep coming back to them. By the way, these shoes, the Sette Nix,they're awesome. You should get them, you won't regret it nor will you look lame. In fact when you wear them you'll look pretty hardcore, or at least that's the level of confidence you'll have once you are riding with them.

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