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Sette ST-107 Bearing Cup Press

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Sette ST-107 Bearing Cup Press

Enhanced and Updated Headset Press

The Sette ST-107 Bearing Cup Press uses several enhanced and updated features in comparison to other headset presses on the market. The ST-107 has a longer threaded rod and resized press-plates that accommodates 1" to 1 1/8" headsets and includes stepped bushing cup adapters to fit most cup sizes. The ST-107 can also be used to install press-fit bottom brackets. The ST-107 is constructed of nickel-plated, heat-treated steel making it very durable. It also has an updated quick-release bottom plate for easier use and removable long non-slip handles for years of comfortable use.

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Works good - with adjustment - Apr 02, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars
Greg B.

I manage a college campus bike shop - we wanted to round out our tools and be able to do any job that could come in, so I bought this for installing headsets. It's good, and the price was better than ParkTools and other companies, but I have had a few issues. The stepped presses are great in theory for installing cups, but two times now I've had them press into the cup, so that when I retract the tool, the cups are stuck on the tool instead of in the headtube. We easily fixed that by finding some lock nuts for adjustable bbs that we slid on. These sit flush to the cups we're installing and now the tool works well. I wonder though, if I'd spent a bit more if we could avoided a bit of panic, some potty language and 30 minutes of really hard labor!

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