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Sette Wide Mouth Flopak 100oz Bladder

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Sette Wide Mouth Flopak 100oz Bladder

Sette has redesigned the popular Flopak Bladder to aide in the ease of filling and cleaning purposes. It has a 3 1/2" wide-opening, and is compatible with most hydration packs. The Flopak is extremely durable and taste-free. The bite valve comes complete with a shut-off switch locking mechanism to ensure your belongings stay dry when not in use. The hose is replaceable as well as the bite-valve to allow for an unbeatable product and an unbeatable price.

  • Compatible with most hydration packs
  • 100oz capacity
  • BPA Free
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Not horrible for the price - Apr 09, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Miami, FL

I bought this since I honestly didn't want to pay 3 times as much for the camelback. So far it has been working like a charm. No complains

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The only time Sette has let me down. - Oct 03, 2013

1 out of 5 stars

Normally, I find Sette products to be an incredible value. I.e. great bang for the buck. But this Sette bladder is the first time I've felt not only let down by the product, but also that the money spent was a total loss. I couldn't bring myself to pay Camelbak prices for a replacement bladder when mine had a leaking (on/off) valve that I couldn't find a new o-ring to fix. The bladder had two small holes (from me not being careful with the zipper and from a crash) but both had been patched with bike tube patches and weren't leaking. I saw the price on the Sette and thought "Hey, whole new bladder AND valve for half of just a Camelbak with only a bite valve!" But here is how the Sette sucks and why I went back to my old Camelbak bladder (though I did steal the on/off valve from the Sette). 1) The hose is about 4 - 6" too short. I can't say for sure as I have cut my Camelbak tube off the bladder more than once to clean it and each time that lost an inch. But the Sette hose is still about 3" shorter than my "circumcised" hose on the Camelbak. 2) The hose is stiff as all get out. It constantly want to go where IT wants and that always seems to be into my headphone wires. The chest clip on my camelback can't control it and I worry that in cool weather, the clip will break as I wrestle the Sette hose. 3) The ability to unscrew the hose from the bladder sounds good on paper (and actually is when it works like it does on my wife's Platypus bladder). See comments above about having to cut my original hose on my Camelbak bladder. But the Sette soaked me several times at first until I learned of its pesky ways. Wrestling the tube when the base is not VERY tight seemed to cause it to wiggle loose enough to leak all over my back (and the pad of my Camelbak, obviously). Fun! After I got crazy about checking the tightness before putting it in the pack, it wasn't a problem. Still.... 4) The lid has the same must-be-over-tightened-to-not-leak problem. It seems like the plastic seals aren't as supple as the camelbak parts. Whatever it is, they just don't seal as smoothly and consistently as the Camelbak bladder's do. 5) One bit of plastic that does seem move supple is the bladder bag itself. That is the main reason I don't like the Platypus bladders, they are stiff (albeit clear) plastic. I also do not like the crazy sealing zipper Platypus uses....but it never leaks and makes cleaning easy. But the Sette makes the Camelbak bladder look stiff. UNFORTUNATELY, it isn't strong. I now have a leak in the Sette bag after less than a season of riding. My Camelbak has easily 7 years on it. No crashes and no zipper encounters (as the leak is opposite the zipper) and the Sette leaks! I'd slap a patch on it like I did with the Camelbak BUT.. a) The platic's suppleness and texture makes me doubt it will seal like my Camelbak patch has. b) The patch would probably outlast the damn bladder. Why waste a patch. I'll keep buying Sette for many items that the namebrands simply charge too much for. But when it comes to such an important (and apparently difficult-to-manufacture-with-quality) product as my water bladder, I guess Sette isn't up to the task.

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pure crap - Apr 28, 2013

1 out of 5 stars
Indianapolis, IN

Don't buy this. Mine failed after 4 uses. Spend the ectra money for a Camelback or Osprey bladder. The extra $20 will be well spent.

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