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Shimano M675 SLX Disc Brake

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Shimano M675 SLX Disc Brake

Aluminum master-cylinder/lever design with a hinged handlebar clamp, updated lever/piston pivot with ServoWave mechanism, 2-finger tool-free reach/free-stroke adjustable lever blade, and inline barrel reservoir for better ergonomics and increased power

  • 2-piece/2-piston forged/machined caliper with oversized ceramic pistons, alloy banjo tubing attachment, and IceTech pads with aluminum "radiator" cooling fins (also compatible with non-finned XTR 'Race' pads)
  • Designed for use with Shimano brand mineral oil (no DOT fluid)
  • Pre-bled disc brake kit for use with separate RapidFire shifters (compatible with I-spec shifters)
  • Caliper: 74mm
  • Weight: 300gr.
  • *Adapters and Rotors sold separately
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Great Brakes! - Apr 16, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Huber Heights, OH

These brakes are just absolutely great. Out of the box and mounted on your bike, they are rather easy to cut the cable to length and rebleed (like just pump the lever at minimum with screw lever screw removed). After a short break in period, the stopping power is unbelievable with little to no squealing. When paired with ICETech rotors, braking is almost like stopping on a dime. For the price, its like getting a high end brake for less cost.

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Awesome brakes - Apr 02, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Andrew N.
Hanford, CA

I actually did not purchase these from price point but from my LBS but the price is same then add install price. First set of hydros I've used but being a bigger guy i wanted stopping power. The modulation is good, one finger action, and best of all they WORK! Being new to the sport and over weight I use my brakes a lot. So for being over weight and over active on the brakes I have had no problems! It's been a year since I've been using them and I probably need to bleed the rear and get actual shimano rotors. Running teatro rotors at the moment and when they get hot they will let you know they are hot!

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Shimano SLX M675 Brakes - May 27, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars
Simon A.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I've had these brakes for about 6 months now, and overall, I've been very pleased with them. The fist set of hydros I used were Avid Elixer 5's, and the Shimano SLX's blow those out of the water. Power wise I think the Shimano brakes have an advantage, and they're absolutely better in terms of lever feel. The "Servo wave" too a ride or two to get used to, but now I don't think I'll be going back to brakes without it. The pads have lasted well, but the "ice tech" fins don't really seem to make much of a difference over non-finned pads. Maybe if I were doing long days at a bike park instead of XC races, Enduro races, and trail riding with friends I'd be able to tell, but for the average user, I would say save your money and buy the non-finned pads when you do have to change them. I only have a few complaints with them. First is the little rubber hoods that cover the fitting screws at the lever have had a tendency to get loose and slip off. Not really that big of a deal, but it is annoying having to make sure to shove those on tight before a ride, and electrical tape looks ugly on there. Secondly, these brakes do not play well with other brands of rotors. I had hoped to re-use my Alligator Windcutter rotors, as they were fairly new when I bought these brakes and I wanted to save some money. Unfortunately due to the design of the pads and rotors, I would get an awful buzzing noise and limited power. I had a spare Hayes v-cut rotor (brand new) laying around, so I threw that on. The problem is vastly diminished, but when the brakes get hot and the rotor expands (as all do), there is an annoying buzzing sound. So in short here, use Shimano rotors. Overall, these are a darn good brake with plenty of power, great lever feel, good modulation, and great value for money. Highly recommended.

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