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Shimano SM-RT99 Center Lock Rotor

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Shimano SM-RT99 Center Lock Rotor

Shimano's new SM-RT99 Center-Lock finned disc brake rotors further reduce heat in the braking system by 150 degrees compared to steel disc rotors creating a system advantage with the BR-R785 ICE Technologies enabled disc brake caliper. The new SM-RT99 disc rotors allow road riders to custom tune the braking performance according to ride conditions, terrain, and rider size.

  • ICE Technologies heat management
  • Center lock rotor mount
  • Light weight and rigid 2-piece structure
  • Compatible with ICE Technologies finned disc brake pads

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Q: Can I swap out my RT-98 rotors with these?

A: Yup! If you are currently using RT-98 rotors you will be able to use these as a replacement.

Q: I have a six bolt road hub, do you have this Rooter with a six bolt hole pattern if not what 140mm Rooter for road bike.

A: Unfortunately, we do not carry any 6 Bolt Shimano rotors in 140mm.

Q: Will the 203mm version of this fit the Shimano Saint M820 hubs?

A: Yup! A 203mm rotor will work on your saint hubs.

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Gorgeous Looks and Performance - Oct 24, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Northridge, CA

I frequently get asked things like, "Aren't disc brakes too powerful for road riding? Isn't it dangerous?" That's like saying that you should buy a sub-par product because the nicer one does its job too well. Dangerous brakes for most purposes are either brakes that don't stop you or stop you without any modulation. Pair these rotors with any of shimanos handsome road brake levers and you will experience ample modulations and stopping powers. These rotors represent the pinnacle of Shimano's sexy research into gorgeous rotor technology. They are center lock, which means they are nearly impervious to failure. The giant aluminum spider means they shed heat better than an all-steel rotor. The sweet heat sync on the inside of the steel portion of the rotor shed additional heat. The actual steel portion is actually three layers! Steel, aluminum, and then steel again. This samich of steel gives the rotor great durability and stiffness while shedding heat through the middle layer of aluminum. Trust me, you want disc brakes on your road bike. And you want this rotor as part of that kit.

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