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Shimano Saint M820 Disc Brake

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Shimano Saint M820 Disc Brake

Shimano's Saint M820 Disc Brakes feature ICE Technologies to keep temperatures in check. The brake levers feature shorter more ergonomic blades and feature tool free lever adjustment and adjustable free stroke for the ultimate in customization. Shimano brakes are the benchmark for MTB disc brakes and Saint M820 brakes have more stopping power than anything the competition has to offer. Sold as either front or rear in a pre-bled kit containing one lever, hose and caliper.

  • New Shorter Servo Wave lever pivot
  • Improved ergonomic brake lever
  • Added dimples on brake lever for ideal ergonomic feel
  • One-way bleed for easy and clean servicing
  • Tool-free lever adjustment
  • Free Stroke adjustment for even more fine tuning
  • Super stiff 3-layer brake hose for a more consistent feel
  • Rotors sold separately
  • Pre-bled

How 'bout some Shimano RT66 Rotors to go along with those powerful Saint brakes?


Model Number M820
Series Saint
Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Intended Use Downhill, Freeride
Position Front, Rear
Hose/Cable Length Front: 950mm, Rear: 1665mm
Brake Hose Type SM-BH90
Weight 302g (front with hose)

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Q: What does this kit include? Is it both front and rear, with all hoses and fittings?

A: These brakes are sold individually front and rear. They come with lever and caliper, rotors are sold separately.

Q: hi my question is, whether on this item the price includes both front and rear brake lever/caliper as shown on picture or just one. Thanks

A: These brakes are sold individually.

Q: Do these brakes come with pads? If so, what kind?

A: These come with finned resin pads.

Q: Can the levers be switched right to left and viceversa to have the front brake on the right hand side same as motorcycles?

A: You can disconnect the hoses and re-hose the brakes so that they go to the appropriate caliper you'd prefer.

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BEST BRAKES EVER - Apr 13, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Poughkeepsie, NY

Great modulation for aggressive riding. Strong enough to stop a big ol downhill bike with my big butt on it. Light enough for trail bikes. Super high quality. No issues what-so-ever.

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Good - Jun 12, 2014

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars
North Vancouver, BC

Best brake out there, not as easy to bleed as Avid but makes up for it in power, modulation and consistent feel.

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Nothing Better - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Orange, CA

Riding on Sram X0 Trails for the past year or so, and Avid T-9s before that, I certainly wasn't short of stopping power. What I was looking for was better feel...brakes that would give me the kinda feel and modulation that you need to keep 'em at the threshold indefinitely. Riding down some long(er),rocky,technical chutes/trails that put a lot of heat into your rotors on a regular basis, I also was having some probs with over-heating my fluid and rotors. I did a TON of research, and the safest bet appeared to be the Saints. Unfortunately, some 'Reviewers' ended up being people that never rode on Saints(or Zee for that matter), as they wrote that the Saints were too strong, putting them on their nose the second they touched the lever(s). Reading those reviews had me treating the levers as they were attached to Claymore mines the first couple of times I used 'em, until I figure out that the Saints aren't that much more powerful than the Srams, if at all. Where they shine is in how much feel/feedback they give, and the relationship between the levers and the calipers. I'm 240lbs, riding a Specialized Enduro pretty-much like a downhill bike 90% of the time, which translates to alotta girth with a lot of momentum, steaming downhill over predominantly sand thrown over concrete(our terrain around here is what's called 'loose over hardpack', but a better description is sand on a garage floor), with an increasing amount of exposed rock(s) appearing on a weekly basis, due to the endless summer we had this year. The Saints allow me to dial in whatever braking force I need, over terrain that's SEVERELY lacking in traction, and give me feedback that feels like my hands are connected directly to my tires. The feel they translate back to me is incredible to say the least, an paired with their Ice Tech rotors, heat isn't even CLOSE to being an issue any more. A buddy of mine got me into freaking Strava recently, and while the drastically deteriorating trail conditions have for most people, slowed down their times, the increased control the Saints have given me has actually cut my times. I've had 'em for about a month now, and am still working up to utilizing their whole capability. The more I learn to use of it obviously, the quicker my times, which were stagnant before I mounted 'em up. The best way I can make my point, is to say that you'll never understand just how much of a gap there is between these things and everyone else, until you mount up a set and ride on 'em for a while. Lastly, if their price-point is more than you want to spend, Zee's are MUCH cheaper, and contain the exact same components. You just lose some of the adjustability. I initially bought the Zee's, but before I got around to mounting them up I convinced myself that I'd miss the ability to adjust the lever reach, so I returned 'em and bent over for a set of Saints.

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Best Brakes - Jul 13, 2013

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars

Love these Brakes they handle everything and unlike my other Brakes which saw me go through at least 4 pads per season these are durable and last!

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Save your money - Jun 07, 2013

1 out of 5 stars
Newark, CA

I will try to be as polite as possible here. I own a Demo 8 and wanted some really sweet brakes for it. After reading countless reviews and doing my research I decided to drop my coin on a new set of Shimano Saint brakes. I will tell you they work Awesome, and do exactly what everyone says they do until about 5 months ago I started having fading issues and one of the brakes would not realize all the way. When you would get done with the ride I would notice that the wheels would not spin due to the calipers dragging and not resetting all the way. so i did all the usual things bled the system reset the pistons. Would work for about 5 minutes and then back to dragging the brakes. I figure there must be an internal problem and decide to call Shimano to see what my options are. The brakes are out of warranty I’m not looking for anything free here. They tell me Shimano does not sell or rebuild any of the brakes. If an internal problem is found of any type you have to replace the whole part you cannot rebuild them. I know people have complaints about AVID but at least I can rebuild my Avid brakes when a seal fails. I will never own another set of Shimano Brakes. They have great braking power, but useless if a failure happens.

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Who needs brakes.... - May 27, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Pflugerville, TX

These brakes are top notch! Had to buy a special bleed kit to air them out after install due to them being a bit mushy. I love the shorter levers compared to my old long arms & the adjustment makes them smooth dudes. There is no better way to save face then installing a couple of these puppies!

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