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Shimano XT M780 2/3x10 Speed Shifters

$64.98 - $139.98

Shimano XT M780 2/3x10 Speed Shifters

The latest generation of XT bumps the gear count up to 10 on the rear and gives you a choice of either double or triple shifting up front thanks user friendly mode selector.

Engineered for the way you ride! As Mountain bikes continue to become more diverse, obviously components must evolve. New Shimano Deore XT addresses the various needs of today's riders. Together with double rear derailleur "Shimano Shadow RD" was specially designed for all mountain riding. Together with double-servo-panta mechanism derailleurs now, you have the right choices for several off road styles. New XT disc brake with a new level of performance and controllability, features high power braking. "Engineered for the way you ride". With the concept as XTR, new Deore XT is born.

2-Way Release for different riding styles or shifting (indexfinger or thumb) from various riding positions;The upper lever still performs the same function, but now it swings both ways. Pull it with your finger or push it with your thumb-you choose. Two position bracket;Choice of inboard and outboard position. New concept Optical Gear Display;Optical Gear Display floats above the handlebar, allowing you to set the suspension control lever clamp easily. The Optical Gear Display is removable, and lid cover together with this shifter.

These puppies have an in-house measured weight of 278g for the set (approx. 139g each).

Includes TR shift cables and black housing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you select I SPEC from the dropdown menu you will get the old style ISMSL78P I-Spec bracket. These work with the origianl M785 XT brakes. If you have the newer M785-B you have to use the newer I-spec bracket, Shimano part number: ISMSL78BP (notice the extra B in the part number).

  • Vivid Index for advanced light action
  • Precise and consistent shifting performance
  • Ergonomic lever shape and orbit
  • Instant Release, 2-Way Release (pull or push) & Multi-Release for quick and versatile operation
  • Compact and vivid Optical Gear Display (removable)
  • 2x/3x Mode Converter
  • SIS-SP41 outer casing system & coated stainless steel cable for super smooth shifting


Model XT M780 2/3x10
Rear 10 Speed
Front Double/Triple
Optical Gear Display Yes - Removable
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