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Shimano Zee M640 Brakeset

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Shimano Zee M640 Brakeset

The new Zee hydraulic disc brake system includes shorty style levers and a powerful 4-piston brake caliper just like its big brother "Saint". Brakes will come outfitted with proven Ice Technologies brake pads that help keep your brakes running cool in even the most extreme downhill conditions.

  • Right and Left sold separately
  • SERVO WAVE lever pivot
  • Shorty Levers
  • High rigidity ceramic pistons for heat insulation
  • Anti-slip dimpled lever blade
  • Radiation fin pad with new metallic compound to improve control and consistency
  • Super stiff high-power 3-layer brake hose for a more consistent lever feel
  • One-Way Bleed for easy and clean servicing
  • Pre-bled
  • 4 Piston caliper
  • I-Spec compatible
  • Weight: 314g (Front 970mm)

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Model Number




Brake Type

Hydraulic Disc

Intended Use

Downhill, Freeride


Front, Rear

Hose/Cable Length

Front: 970mm, Rear: 1670mm

Brake Hose Type


Caliper/Lever Mount Type

Post mount

Piston Type



314g (Front 970mm hose length)

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Q: what kind of rotors should i be buying for these

A: Any standard rotor should be fine. You can always pair up with IceTech rotors for maximum performance as well. Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll be more than glad to help with any further questions/concerns.

Q: Is this a complete brakeset front and rear?

A: Great Question! This is a complete set for either the front or rear. The front and rear are sold separately. You can choose which you like to purchase via the drop down menu.

Q: Front and rear? Levers and calipers? Hoses?

A: Front and rear are sold separately. The set includes the lever, caliper, and hoses. You can choose the set you would like (front or rear) from the drop down menu.

Q: what size rotors do theses use?

A: These brakes can use any standard size rotor. 160mm / 180mm / 200mm (203mm)

Q: Do these come with pads?

A: Yes pads will be included in the brakeset

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Killer stoppers!!! - Apr 12, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Los Osos, CA

My Santa Cruz Superlight came with Avid 5 brakes. If they were recently bled and had new pads in hem they were pretty good, but I did get lots of noise and a considerable amount of fade, especially on long fast trips. Not so with the Zee's!!!! These brakes easily have twice the stopping power, NO fade as of yet and are extremely simple to install and bleed. only thing I can even say is there was no mention of bedding in the pads and rotors after install, I just looked it upon YouTube!!! I actually have t be careful with the brakes, they have SO MUCH more power and bite than my old brakes it could easily launch me. Love them, no faults!!!! Try to remember to update after more serious ride timez!!!! Thanx Price Point & Shimano

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Work identical to saint - Apr 20, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Hesperia, CA

These are a great brake - way better than Avid stuff I've ran. The only negative is that the brake reservoir on the lever is big and in the way. In a bad wreck, the reservoirs on mine got ground down and the fill plugs ripped out. I replaced the levers with Saint units, which are much more streamlined but worked identical on the Zee calipers. They are great brakes, do yourself a favor and buy Shimano Rotors with it. Also, these do not come with adaptors.

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Absolutely Fantastic - Apr 15, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Fernandina Beach, FL

This brake is stupendous and is really a bang for your buck. If your looking for a good DH/FR brake that's not too heavy and provides good stopping power, this is for you. It's quite easy too bleed so it is good beginners too.

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Awsome power and affordable. - Nov 04, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Hesperia, CA

I like these brakes. They were used for 3 months twice a week at a downhill park. Pads held up well. You should buy brake fluid with it; expect to have to top off the reservoir. Once truly bled (which is very easy on this brake, for any mechanic level), they held perfect the entire time. Very little fade. My only gripe is that the reservoirs protrude a bit much. I killed mine in a crash in under a month by shearing off both reservoir filling bolts. I replaced them with Saints and have no difference in braking power.

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Shimano Zee M640 - May 07, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

I've been running these brakes for a few weeks now and they are superb. They came with a lousy factory bleed, but bleeding them myself was incredibly simple. Once the Zees had a proper bleed the power in them is ridiculous. Lever feel is fantastic with tons of modulation, but they'll lock up just fine if you ask them to. Overall, I'm very glad I spent the extra money to switch from Avid. I have no complaints about these brakes whatsoever. They seem just as good as my friend's Saint setup.

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