Spank Spike 800Race Riser Bar


Spank Spike 800Race Riser Bar

I like big bars and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny that when a bike rolls in with an itty bitty stem and a long bar in your face you get sprung...

If you like your bars long, Spank's Spike 800Race is 800mm wide! That's nearly 31 and a half inches for those of you that are metrically chanllenged. Plenty wide for Downhill, Freeriding or anyone that just wants more leverage on the front end. They come in multiple colors and there is even a polished chrome version if you want things extra shiny. Made from Spank's proprietary Super Six Aluminum Alloy, the 800Race is as strong as it is good looking.

  • 800mm
  • 4° Up sweep
  • 8° Back sweep
  • Dual XGT Taper with Impact Ends
  • 31.8mm clamp area
  • Super Six Alloy
  • 290g to 330g depending on rise

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Q: Can these bars be cut down if needed? how much can i take off each side? i like the 50mm rise, but not sure if 800 is gonna be too wide for me, the option to cut them down would be great for me

A: These bars can be cut all the way down to 740mm.

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