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Sun Ringle Charger Pro Rear End Caps

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Sun Ringle Charger Pro Rear End Caps

These little anodized puppies are pretty straightforward. They convert the rear hub of the Sun Ringle Charger Pro wheelset to accept a 12mm thru axle system instead of a traditional quick release.

  • Axle end cap conversions for SunRingle SRD, ADD and Charger wheels
  • Available sizes: 135mm x 12 or 142mm x 12
  • Sold in pairs
  • Weight per pair: 11g

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Q: i've got the azonic Azonic Momentum Axle 12mm X 135mm ITEM NUMBER: 295 AZOMT8 and i want to install it on a sun ringle black flag pro wheelset. i need the ends caps 135mm X 12mm does those sun ringle charger pro end caps will fit on a sun ringle black flag pro wheelset with the azonic axle

A: The azonic axle is intended to convert 12mm axles to 10mm and as such would not work on this wheel set since the caps are for 12mm only.

Q: will these work with the Sun Ringle Charger Expert rear wheel?

A: No, these are not compatible with the Black Flag Pro/Expert.

Q: Do the back wheel end caps come as a 10 x 142? I am trying to mount these wheels on the Ninner air 9 RDO frame.

A: These are the rear end caps, they are designed for 12x135 and 12x142. They are used to convert from a 10x142.

Q: Are these compatible with the Sun Ringle Charger Pro wheels that are for sale on this site? If so, how easy is the conversion?

A: Yup they sure are. Conversion is very easy. Simply pop them on the ends of your wheel hub and you are all set.

Q: can these be used to convert a 12mm axle down to a traditional 10mm QR?

A: These cannot be used for such applications. They are designed to change a 10x135mm rear axle to 12x135/142mm.

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Do what they're supposed to do - Apr 03, 2014

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They are adapters and they work . Nuff said

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