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Time Iclic Road Pedals

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Time Iclic Road Pedals

We all know it's virtually impossible to make a better mousetrap but only Time could find a way to make a better pedal based on the mousetrap.

The all-new Time iClic pedal dumps the traditional retention spring in favor for a carbon fiber plate to keep you attached to the pedals.

The key benefit to going carbon is engagement that is easier and faster than any existing pedal. With the iClic, the pedal is "armed" in its natural state. Just the slightest bit of pressure engages the pedal with a very distinct clicking sound. Even with the release tension cranked up, the entry will remain effortless.

Time also put a lot of thought into the iClic's cleat. The cleats aren't left and right specific but you've got two different Q Factor options depending on which cleat you install on which shoe. While these cleats might look similar to Time's Impact cleats, they are exclusive to the iClic and aren't designed to work on any other pedal system. As an added bonus, Time incorporated its Cafe Cleat design to give you quite arguably the best walkability of any road cleat.

Like we said at the top, the concept of the iClic is borrowed from the classic mousetrap. Holding them in your hands for the first time, your first instinct will be to push down on the little trigger mechanism to get an idea how they work. When you do this, two things will surprise you-

  1. It takes VERY little pressure to engage the pedal.
  2. The pedal engages VERY fast and it's easy to whack a finger. (Doesn't hurt that bad and is a great way to prank your colleagues. Trust us. It works).
  3. Aside from suggesting you don't stick your finger in the pedal; the good news to number 2 is that should the pedal ever engage without a cleat being involved, you can still clip in. It will just require a little more effort upon entry.
  • Pedal Weight: 264g (pair)
  • Cleat Weight: 60g (pair)
  • Cleats included
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