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Tioga MT-Zero Flat Pedals Black

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Tioga MT-Zero Flat Pedals Black

If you're looking for incredible ground clearance, the Tioga MT-Zero is the pedal for you. These pedals are designed to be impossibly thin so you'll have no problem clearing even the toughest obstacles. Thanks to Tioga's ZEROaxle bearing system, you have a pedal that measures no more than 7mm thin (4mm at the thinnest). Increase foot stability and improve pedaling efficiency with the MT-Zero.

  • Investment Cast 1-Piece Chromoly Body
  • ZEROaxle Over-Size Bearing System
  • Dual-Concave Platform With Replaceable Pins
  • 480g Per Pair
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Didn't last long - Jun 26, 2015

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2 out of 5 stars
Arroyo Grande, CA

I bought these to replace my Wellgo flats that have served me well for over 4 years. I like the thin design of these but after 3 weeks and only 6 rides, it already has a bearing that's notchy (going out). The grip of these pedals seemed ok for the first couple rides but the last few have had my feet moving around a bit more on them.

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You can feel it! - Jul 14, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
North Miami Beach, FL

Huge difference in feel. The thinnest pedal I've ever ridden and i love it. The only issue i have is the bearing housing if you have a portion of your shoe on it it feels weird and is kind of slippery. Not a big deal but just something to keep in mind. They seem to be very strong the pins are great and provide great grip. Ive had these for about a month and i ride on average 4 times per week rain mud dry dusty mixed conditions these pedals were great. Yes, the price is a bit high but look at any quality pedal you'll end up spending a little more on those.

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Not Impressed - Jun 26, 2014

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2 out of 5 stars
Birmingham, AL

I bought these pedals 5 months ago and they did well the first several rides but now they are ready for the garbage. The bearings are shot and the steel pedal has rust were paint has rubbed off. I love the concept and believe this product needs a little more work. The thin platform has a big advantage clearing rocks that I hit with normal pedals. If you're doing some casual riding in a backyard these pedals will do fine. Just beware if you intend to do trail riding! When I received the pedals in the mail I was disappointed to see a label that says "for general off road use only" something like that -basically saying hey don't go off any jumps or mountain biking. Very deceiving. I never write reviews but I hope this will help others make a decision.

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What a Difference - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
middletown, DE

I was very hesitant to purchase these platform pedals at $90 a pair but after speaking with PricePoint I decided to give them a try. I have had them on my specialized epic for about 5-6 rides now and I absolutely adore them. The pedal platform is as large as my MX Comp's (large), its a concave platform, and the screws will hold any kind of shoe tight. This is the perfect compromise between a downhill and xc pedal.

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