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Tufo Tubular Gluing Tape

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Tufo Tubular Gluing Tape

Tufo gluing tape is designed to excel in high temperatures and is perfectly suited for both aluminum and carbon rims. Made to adhere perfectly in a matter of seconds without any messes or harmful vapors.

  • One roll yields one tubular tire
  • Tape measures 16mm wide
  • Red backing strip makes centering of tape easy
  • Compatible with carbon or aluminum alloy rims
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Really works on tubular tires... - May 27, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

Just installed my 3rd set of tubular tires using this system, and it has worked very well. One set of Vittoria Corsa CX's and two sets of Continental Sprinter Gatorskins. I have never used rim cement on my rims so I've had clean rims to attached the tape. Centering the tape is a bit tricky I pulled out a good bit and lightly attached it then went back rubbed it in the center to assure good contact with the rim. Follow the instructions and pull a couple of inches of tape from each side of the valve stem, insert the stem and roll the tire onto the rim. I've found that once I have the tire on it's easy to center, just lift each side of the tire slightly while rolling the wheel and the tire will center nicely. Either end of two ends of the double sided tape can be pulled exposing the glue side to the tire. Inflate to full pressure on the tire, install on your bike and ride around on it without putting any cornering pressure on the tire. Left overnight the glue is at full strength. To remove the tire, get a rather dull knife and pull the tire to one side and use the dull knife to help remove the bond on the tape. Once you've broken the tire from the rim the tire will be able to be pulled off. lift an end of the tape starting again from the stem and pull the tape away from the rim. Small pieces of glue will remain on rim, in my experience they do not need to be removed to re-install new tape.

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