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WTB Bronson 29er Race Tire

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WTB Bronson 29er Race Tire

This widely spaced linked tread tire takes charge in a broad range of conditions from dry hard pack to mud. The Bronson's ramped center knobs roll fast while square-edged side blocks bite tenaciously at lean angles. An open tread pattern makes quick work of muck as low rotational weights keep you rolling faster. Conquer all seasons and conditions, ride Bronsons.

  • 29er rolls over anything in Mr. Bronson's way
  • Ideal for all seasons and conditions
  • DNA rubber compound enhances steering and durability for optimal rolling speeds and shock absorption



29 x 2.2

Threads Per Inch



DNA Rubber Compound


35 - 65psi





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Worst Tire - Apr 09, 2014

1 2
2 out of 5 stars

I have been riding this tire as a front tire for just over a month. It is horrible. The only reason I give it 2 stars is that it is actually great in sand and gravel. On loose over hard and on hard pack it is the worst. As I can figure the side knobbies are too tall and soft and have a definite edge. They easily give out on just easy corners, while bombing downhill is downright scary. I have it set up tubeless and have tried different pressures from 22 - 32 lbs. and there is no difference. Happy Rolling!

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Decent all around - Apr 03, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Barry D.
rochester hills, MI

Been riding this tire as a front for about 6 months and so far its decent. It rolls fairly well but slower than the Bontrager XR2 that it replaced. The side knobs could use some more support as they tend to flex a lot and get squirmy on lower lean angles, they also pack up with mud a bit so they arent ideal for that. On hard pack and loose dirt they are pretty good and grip well but I found they dont stick to roots or wet rocks so great. Also would be nice if they came in a wider size, the 2.2 is as wide as claimed.

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Good all around tire - Jul 15, 2013

1 2 3 4
4 out of 5 stars
Sam S.
Camden County, NJ

I bought this Bronson to be the front tire on my Trek Marlin and have been riding it about 2 months. So far I like it, I wouldn't say I LOVE it but it seems to be a good "all around" tire. Deep knobs but rolls really well. Cornering is good until a certain point and then it gets squirmy. Sharp turns on hardpack is where you notice it the most. All in all I'm pretty pleased with it but my next front tire will likely be a weirwolf. I'm sure it would be ok as a rear tire as it rolls well but my wolverwine digs in so well I can't imagine putting this in the back.

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