WTB Moto Tire AM TCS 26x2.3

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WTB Moto Tire AM TCS 26x2.3

Combine the ride benefits of a tubeless tire with the low weight of a race tire with the Moto tire from WTB. The Moto is an aggressive square lugged tire designed to navigate through mud, rocks, and loose soil. Developed and inspired by throttle twisters, the Moto has exceptional traction with stiff outside knobs so you can lean into turns with confidence and a dirt eating grin. Recommended for XC or trail use.

  • XC/Trail tire for front or rear use
  • Low profile, dense tread allows stable cornering and good cling on rock and loose soil
  • AM TCS: Dual DNA compound, 60tpi casing, UST Aramid bead and Inner Peace puncture protection
  • TCS: Tubeless Compatible System
  • Weight: 640g
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sturdy tire - May 05, 2015

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4 out of 5 stars
mablevale, AR

I had a schwalbe racing Ralph that I cut the sidewall I replaced it with a wtb moto tire and I have been very happy with it- no problems. I ride very rocky trails with some mud

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Good progressive feel rear tire - Apr 23, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Fayetteville, AR

Ordered two of these to outfit my 5" aggressive trail bike. The tread width is actually closer to 2.1, not 2.3. Sidewall is measurable at 2.3. I am using this on the rear only. The knobs are fairly flexible on the side so this gives a progressive loss of traction in the corners of loose terrain. They probably don't hold as hard of a line as reinforced side lugs do, but the softer nature lends to a better feel over small debris on loose crumbly soil. These do well in soft thick soil given the height of the knobs. So for the price i'd give them a try, but not sure yet if i'd have them as one of my main choices.

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Edge knobs not good in loose corners - Apr 08, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars
Mesa, AZ

Thought these were a good bargain for a tubeless ready tire, so gave them a shot. Installed on the front wheel, and found it to be difficult to get the bead on the rim, which is true of other tubeless tires I've installed, but this one was really tight. After finally getting it on, noticed that the edge knobs are more upright (as shown in pictures). Also found a slight hitch in the tire (wasn't completely round). Didn't think the high edge knobs would be an issue, but riding on AZ trails, the loose over hardpack was not as stable in corners as I hoped it would be. If you're riding hardpack or softer conditions, I'd think these would be ok, but loose over hardpack, I'd recommend a more rounded tire profile.

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Couldn't use this tire - Apr 06, 2014

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2 out of 5 stars
El Mirage, AZ

Tires seem nice. I. Have used several WTB tires and have been very pleased. I purchased this tire for the front of my specialized stumpjumper w/ a rock shox fork and stans arch ex rim. Tire contacts the fork. The knobs are extremely tall. Tire was also Very hard to mount. That is normal for WTB tires in my experience.

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