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WTB Mutano AM TCS Folding Tire

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WTB Mutano AM TCS Folding Tire

WTB have updated their most popular dry conditions trail tire, the Mutano, and added all the modern features. The new Mutano tires feature dual compound rubber, Inner Peace puncture protection and TCS (WTBs Tubeless Compatible System). This is the top tire for rough, rocky and sandy terrain, from SoCal to Texas and beyond.

WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) offers the ride benefits of tubeless without the weight penalty. TCS combines a dedicated tubeless bead with a lightweight casing. It works great with inner tubes and easily adapts to tubeless when combined with sealant.

  • Ideal for XC racing and epic all-mountain riding
  • Dual DNA rubber compound enhances steering and durability for optimal rolling speeds and shock absorption
  • TCS tires are the first sealant tubeless tires to receive Mavic UST certification, which means a proven fit between sealant tubeless tire and rim



26 x 2.4

Threads Per Inch



Dual DNA Rubber Compound


35 - 65psi


TCS Aramid



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Great Rolling Resistance - Apr 09, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Mark w.
Little Rock, AR

My first experience with the mutanoraptor was with the heavier older comp version. I recently switched to this version and really like it's lightness. Like the heavier version the rolling resistance is really good. It hooks up on corners and when it lets loose it seems to do it a little at a time rather than all at once. I haven't had any punctures and the sidewalls have done fine through all kinds of rock gardens. I'm going to have a hard time not buying this tire for my next replacement.

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Very pleased - Apr 06, 2014

1 2 3 4
4 out of 5 stars
Luke G.
El Mirage, AZ

Great tires. I live in Phoenix Az. This tire does well here in the hardpack. I have also used it as a commuter tire and it worked very well. The nearly continuous centerline makes it a fast and smooth roller. The tires are VERY hard to mount. They are a nice, tough tire, and they seal up very well. Just extremely hard to mount.

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mutano - Apr 02, 2014

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars
Branden G.
Fullerton, CA

Ran these on my last bike and loved them. going back to the Mutano from a maxxis Ardent. this tire is predictable and rolls fast. last pretty long and grip stays consistant as it wears down. ran the last set for at least a full season @30+ miles per week, 3 miles per ride were pavement just getting to the trail too!

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Hard pack, Single track only! - Apr 01, 2014

1 2
2 out of 5 stars
Will T.
Roosevelt, UT

These tires are ok for hard packed trails or road riding only. Any aggressive rider will be pissed he bought them. The rubber compound is very hard and slick. I took them to Moab and was nothing but mad at them on the rocks, and in loose dirt corners found myself putting my foot down constantly. The nobs are much to small to give a good bite in loose conditions. The slick rubber kept spinning free on technical rocky climbs. Well built tire, however loses it's usefulness due to the short nobs and hard rubber. NOT a 2.4 inch tire. At best these are 2.25. I have 2.3's that have a wider foot print.

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Great Tire - May 17, 2013

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars

This tire delivers GREAT front wheel traction! This tire digs in through the fluffy dirt, leaves and pine needles on my local NorCal trails, and still has great traction on hardpack. Havent used in the wet/mud, but lugs are spaced well enough that I think it would shed well. Was previously running a Weirwolf in the front, and while this 2.4 rated tire isnt quite as wide as the Weirwolf 2.3, the traction is just as good if not better, it rolls better and is lighter. I hate to use the marketing phrase "instills confidence", but that is exactly what this tire does for me. Ive been throwing my bike into the turns harder than ever before, laying it down and feeling like a pro! The tire I received was heavier than advertised (800+g), and like I said previously, does not measure out at 2.4. Running a Bronson AM 2.3 on the rear, and this tire appears to be the same width, maybe even a little narrower? It mounted up easily with an air compressor, but there were small pin holes in the sidewall, and I had to keep adding air and ride it around so the sealant would fill the holes. That being said, I still love this tire and its going to stay on my bike for quite a while. The Mutanoraptor front/Bronson AM rear combo has been good, but Im tempted to throw one of these on the rear too!

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