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WTB Pure V Race Saddle Chromoly Rails Blk-Chrome

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WTB Pure V Race Saddle Chromoly Rails Blk-Chrome

The goal was simple: Create a trail saddle that eclipsed the original WTB SST. The result features the best body-tuned shape WTB has. Hollow chromoly rails, Flex-tuned shell with Comfort Zone, synthetic cover and embroidered chrome corners make the Pure V Race as comfortable as it is good looking.

  • Weight: 360g
  • Rails: Cro-Mo
  • Length: 277mm
  • Width: 145mm
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Pretty close to perfect. - Jun 10, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

I've had this sale for a couple years now & it's getting the job done pretty well. A good seat is one of those items that don't get your attention unless they aren't getting the job done. Rarely do we ever stick a landing or drift thru a corner and say, "man my saddle is really kicking butt today!" And when was the last time you made it thru that super rocky section and exclaimed, "whew! I never would have cleaned that section with my old saddle!" When they're doing their job we forget they are there. You'll quickly forget you bought this saddle because it becomes a seamless connection between you, your bike & the trail. I've done short rides where I'm going all out & I've done 4hr XC rides with this saddle & it's got great bang for its buck. I've ridden much fancier saddles that cost a bunch more money but I'm not the kind of guy who wants to brag about how much money I blew on a saddle. That's why this saddle is a good fit. One of my riding buddies has been riding with this saddle for 6 or so years & it's still going strong. This saddle is reinforced where we bang our saddles on stuff the most but shaves weight where it can without feeling like a race saddle. The only criticism I would offer up would be to narrow the back of the saddle up a bit. Not much, but maybe a little more than it is now. I can get off the back just fine but I've ridden other saddles that got the seat between the thighs a little easier. But it is a very minor thing, this saddle is by no means deserving of a "wide load" sign so no worries there. I wear baggie shorts & still get great clearance when transferring from sitting to standing & back, without missing a single pedal stroke.

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LOVE - Apr 14, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
haddon heights, NJ

My butt and I love this saddle. Most comfy saddle I've ever been on it. Looks great with my bike. Not the lightest saddle but not overly heavy either.

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