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Wellgo LU-393 Platform Pedals

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Wellgo LU-393 Platform Pedals

  • Body: Alloy
  • Weight: 428g (pair)

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Q: Are these 9/16" or 1/2" ?

A: These pedals are 9/16".

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Best bang per buck - May 03, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
braidwood, IL

For ten bucks how can you miss. They are perfect size way better than most stock pedals come on basic mountain bikes. Outter cage is aluminium. Plenty of area for a wrench on stem.But both pedals were too tight on bearings . The bearing caps are crap but usable. I had to dissasemble and adjust added a bit of grease.. There was lock tight on cage screws used it again. Spend more if you don't want to do this. It takes several tries to get it perfect need to be slightly loose before tightening lock nut. The curved cages look coo

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Great Backup Pedal - Apr 17, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Clarkesville, GA

I'm running these on my 26" 8 speed bike right now. I had to replace the stock pedals and fortunately for me I got these on a need to fill to get the deal thing. they handle my 235lbs with no issues and they spin smoothly. I was going to just use these until I found some pedals to place on the bike but I think I'll keep them on for now. All I can say is that the next order I do from PP I'm going to get me another pair to replace my backup pair that is now on a bike.

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Check Bearing Adjustment Before Using - Feb 24, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars

I'm giving these pedals 3 stars based mainly on the fact that the materials are respectable given the $10 sale price, but the assembly is rather sloppy. However, be sure to spin the pedal platforms on the spindle to see if they spin freely. Mine arrived with the end nut (under the plastic screw-on dust cap) turned much too tight resulting in excess drag. That improved when I loosened the nut a little. Just be sure to use blue locktite or something else to keep the nut from loosening since the threads seem to be a loose fit. Ideally, there should be a second nut to lock against the one that is installed to prevent them from coming loose from use, but it would have to be a rather thin nut which I suspect would be hard to find. Also, be careful removing and reinstalling the plastic dust cap as it would be easy to strip the threads. They are installed on a vintage bike that will be lightly used, so I suspect they will be adequate.

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Gen 1 Pedal - Sep 25, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

Not sure how many bikes i have had with Wellgos on them but, i know for one thing when someone wants a wide, cost sensitive virtually unbreakable pedal, i point them towards the Wellgos. Flip flops to boots the platform always works.

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