Wellgo WAM-R1 Road Pedals

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Wellgo WAM-R1 Road Pedals

The Wellgo WAM-R1 Road Pedals are modeled after the one of the most popular clipless road pedal designs, this look style pedal features a double entry/exit spring retention system for a secure hold and a 16-position retention adjustment. The WAM-R1 Road Pedals feature an all alloy body and CrMo axle that keep it light and durable.

  • Thread: 9/16
  • Includes: 9 & 0 degree lateral float Cleat Kit(50 g/pr); Spindle Tool
  • Pedals sold in pairs
  • Weight: 384g

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Q: Hello, I recently purchased some sette roadshoes, spd compatible from you. My bike has conventional (rattrap) pedals. If I were to purchase this wellgo item would I be able to use them with my recently purchased shoes? It looks like (in the illustration) there are some adapters, but no mention made of how to use them. Thanks.

A: Depending on the specific Sette road shoes you purchased, they will be compatible with the WAM-R1 pedals as long as the shoes that you have are compatible with 3-bolt/SPD-SL cleats. These pedals come with cleats (the other part shown in the picture) to be attached to the bottom of the shoe.

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good LOOK alternative - Apr 23, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Salt Lake City, UT

Good value on an old school LOOK style pedal. Mine came with red and black cleats. That was a bonus since I needed replacement cleats for another bike. The rubber pad on the cleats is adjustable for contact with the pedal. The pedals are adjustable for tension. There doesn't appear to be any finish on the pedals. Just slightly polished Aluminum. Maybe there's a varnish or clearcoat? We'll see if there is any oxidation with exposure to road salt and moisture? If I lived in a highly corrosive coastal environment I would keep them wiped down and maybe paint them for an ounce of prevention.

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