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White Industries ENO Freewheel

Clearance Item -- Limited Quantities Available

White Industries ENO Freewheel

Freewheels have notoriously been considered an Achilles heel to the drive train system. Traditionally, the freewheel has been considered a disposable component that should be replaced on a regular basis. White Industries approached the component differently. Their mindset was to create and manufacture a freewheel that would be durable, reliable and easily maintained.

The ENO freewheel utilizes a sealed cartridge bearing instead of a loose ball system. The advantage of the cartridge bearing is that it is sealed from the elements such as mud, grit, and water. The other benefit is that the bearing is nicely contained in one simple unit and can be easily pulled and replaced when worn rather than working with loose balls and retaining rings.

The ENO freewheel features a machined inner driver and machined outer gear casing resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically without the tight and loose spots common to other freewheels. The driver utilizes 36 engagement points and three tool steel pawls for the standard freewheel. The trials version operates with six tools steel pawls in 72 engagement points.

  • Freewheels are made in the USA
  • Freewheels sold individually


Bike Mag Review:

"This is the first time that the word "bling" could be applied to BMX freewheels. After a year of use, it hasn't been cared for in any way whatsoever, and is still running smooth and solid. While it costs a hell of a lot more than garden variety BMX freewheels, it is sealed against the elements and lasts longer than a few months, something most unsealed BMX freewheels can't boast." Ferrentino, Mike. "Style in Spades"

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