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White Lightning Wet Ride 8oz Bottle

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White Lightning Wet Ride 8oz Bottle

Wet Ride is a thicker, heavier bodied lubricant that is totally waterproof. Wet Ride is made using only premium synthetic oils and water repelling polymers. The result is a lubricant with unmatched film strength.

Wet Ride eliminates drivetrain noise, it delivers super smooth shifts, unmatched lubrication intervals, and total protection against water.

  • A heavy-bodied synthetic lubricant
  • Wet Ride excels over long distances and in the most extreme weather
  • Special anti-corrosion additives prevent rusting of parts even when subjected to snow or sleet, heavy fog or coastal salt-air
  • A popular choice for off-road cyclists who are faced with muddy conditions
  • roof enough to easily counteract the effects of mud and crud on the chain.
  • Comes in a 8oz. squeeze bottle
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Good - Jul 13, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Appleton, ME

This lube is working great. It attracts dust, which is annoying, but it isn't made for dusty conditions; if you live in dusty conditions don't even think about it, just get epic ride or dry ride. I haven't had a chance to really try it in wet conditions, because ever since I got it the weather has gotten better, but it is doing a very good job lubing. I would definitely recommend this, as long as you don't live in dusty conditions.

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