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Shimano XTR M988 Trail Pre-Bled Disc Brake


Shimano XTR M988 Trail Pre-Bled Disc Brake

The new XTR Trail lever delivers big power. As the first XTR lever equipped with Servo-Wave, riders can precisely control 25 percent more power with highly-adjustable and responsive one-finger braking.

  • 125 percent Power rating
  • Short-stroke Servo-Wave mechanism for quick engagement
  • Tool-free reach-adjust
  • Free stroke adjustment
  • Shorter, wider 14-millimeter brake lever with more efficient pivot location
  • Hinge-clamp mounting bracket
  • High-power hose for uncompromising performance
  • Combine with i-spec bracket to reduce handlebar clutter
  • Metal pad compound with Radiator backing plate (standard)
  • One piece forged post mount caliper
  • Oversized ceramic piston
  • Aluminum banjo hose fitting
  • Four pad choices for any condition - resin/Al, metal/Ti, resin/Ice, metal/Ice
  • Additional heat control with Ice Tech aluminum core rotors


Model Number BR-M988
Series XTR
Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Compatible Brake Lever BL-M985/M988
Position Front, Rear
Hose/Cable Length Front: 970mm, Rear: 1670mm
Brake Hose Type SM-BH90-SB
Caliper/Lever Mount Type Post Mount
Caliper/Lever Material Aluminum
Caliper/Lever Finish Anodized
Piston Type Opposed 2-piston
Weight 258g (average per wheel)
Warranty 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Best Brakes ever! - May 11, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

I went from a dual piston caliper from a different manufacturer to the single piston XTR and somehow my stopping power is greater. Two is not always better than one. I bought I-spec brackets to mount my XTR shifters to them. They look and work great together. They come pre-bleed but I shortened the lines and bleed then. It was easy. I have the older XTR brakes and they were easier to line up the caliper to the rotor then these. But the stopping power of this new generation is greater. I have several bikes with different brand brakes. I will only buy Shimano from here on out.

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