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E13 DH/AM 83mm Shell Crankset

E13 DH Crank Arms for 83mm BB Shells

The E13 DH crank fills the very unique niche of quite possibly being the lightest, most overbuilt DH crank on the market today. The 7050 aluminum crank arms are first forged before any unneeded material is machined away. Even pared down to its absolute minimum fighting weight, the end result is a crank that's built to handle whatever you can dish out. This particular version is designed specifically for frames using an 83mm wide bottom bracket shell.

Connecting the crank arms is E13's exclusive 30mm spindle with a polygon interface- a design that was first used in the transmissions of tanks. For their DH crank, E13 made this spindle out of heat treated cromoly for added strength. This spindle has an electroless nickel coating for increased wear resistance and a buttery smooth interface with the bottom bracket bearings.

Along with the added strength of using a 30mm spindle, another upside is that the bottom bracket bearings are larger as well which offers a nice bump in durability.

Please note that these crank arms DO NOT include chain rings. Using E13's own Guide Rings or any standard 104mm chain ring, the DH crank can be run as a single with or without a bash guard. It can also be set up as a double with E13's innovative Shift Rings which are set to hit the market in early 2011. Because the DH crank doesn't have tabs for a traditional granny gear, using the Shift Rings are the only way to go if you need a granny.

Intended Use: DH/Freeride/Goin' big
Weight: 870g including BB
Bolt Pattern: 4 bolt 104mm
Chainring Compatibility: 22/36 or 24/38 E13 Shift Rings, any E13 Guide Ring or any 104mm ring. (Please note: A bash guard can be run with either a single ring set up or with a double when using E13 Shift Rings)
Includes: Crank arms, double/single chain ring bolts, 83mm compatible external BB, socket style BB tool, 2 Torx wrenches, instruction manual.

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