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Shimano XT M780 10 Speed Rear Derailleur


Shimano XT M780 10 Speed Rear Derailleur

If Shimano's new 10 speed shifters are the biscuits of Dyna-Sys, their new 10 speed rear derailleur is the gravy and you can't have one without the other.

The all-new RD-M780 rear derailleur uses Shimano's proven Shadow design to give it a very low profile to keep it out of harm's way. A reworked cage and pulley combo are optimized for the larger 10 speed cassette and narrower chain. The RD-M780 is a traditional style derailleur and is not made in a Rapid Rise version.

The RD-M780 is offered in both a long and a mid cage version. The long cage will allow you to take full advantage of the astounding gear range of the Dyna-Sys platform. Riding in a 42/36 combo is no problem.

If you're going to run a single ring or a double with a bash guard, the mid cage would be a good option. The largest gear combination it can accommodate is a 32 while in the 36 tooth cog.

Please note that the RD-M780 is designed for 10 speed only. It is not meant for use with 9 speed components.

The long cage tips our scale at 229g. The mid cage sits at a good 228g. The redesigned instructions manual sits at an astonishing 13g and the plastic bag in the box pushes 2g.


  • Dyna-Sys : 10-speed drivetrain
  • Shadow RD : Low profile design and compact pulley cage
  • Consistent shifting performance (Wide & stable adjust range)
  • Light action and smooth operation
  • Sealed bearing guide pulley & tension pulley
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