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Syncros FR DS32 Rim

Syncros FR DS32 Rim

Syncros rims were designed with the intention of challenging conventional rim building techniques with the goals of greater strength, more consistent manufacturing processes, and better roundness. They've succeeded. Here's why...

Proprietary alloy: Syncros use proprietary alloys which are manufactured from scratch all in the same facility, allowing them to control every part of the process, resulting in better QA and a streamlined production sequence.

Improved Rim joints: A rim's weakest link is the joint. They made the joint the strongest part of the rim using sleeves on the DS 23, DS 28, and their burly DS 32.

True Track Technology: Our patented True Track Technology process stress relieves, hardens, and fully straightens the rim after it is shaped into a hoop, eliminating the compression and stretching of the alloy's grain structure that occurs during typical rim shaping. The result is a rim that is round and flat, easy to build up, and which holds its roundness better during use, requiring less tweaking with spoke tension to keep them running round and flat as new.

Eyelets and Drilling: Our rims are drilled concentrically on a single axis so that the rim's 'outside' and 'inside' holes are always perfectly aligned. Again, this makes for an easier build because spoke lengths are exactly the same.

  • Intended use: Freeride / DH
  • Lightweight 32mm wide rim
  • True Track Technology
  • Every rim is stress relieved and work hardened after joining to be the flattest, best built rims available
  • 100 percent QA on each and every rim ensures near-perfect round and runout
  • Concentrically drilled spoke holes available in 32h drilling
  • In-house measured Weight: 570g (per rim)
  • Width: 32mm / ERD: 26"=537

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