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How Mountain Biking Changed My Life!

My name is Brad Huber, I live in North Logan, Utah and am almost 17 years old. I started Mountain biking nearly two years ago. One of my friends (who sadly doesn't bike much anymore) infected me with the addiction to mountain biking. He took me up Green Canyon, a local trail about a mile from my … [Read More...]

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Price Point at Southridge KMC Chain 2015 Winter Series

   Price Point at Southridge KMC Chain 2015 Winter Series  This weekend was the kick-off of Southridge U.S.A KMC Chain Winter Race Series 2015 with enthusiastic attendance by Price Point’s very own … [Read More...]


Price Point – Supporting a Cause – Maintaining and rebuilding better trails

Price Point - Supporting a Cause Price Point Supports Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association … show your support at the Mt. Wilson Bicycle Association Pancake Breakfast and Raffle, Sunday November … [Read More...]


From the mind of a Hall of Famer, Pioneer, a visionary comes Breezer. Now at Price Point

Joe Breeze had a vision and he turned that vision into the mountain bike. Growing up in Marin County near San Francisco, Joe like most kids road his bike to school but when his friends moved on to … [Read More...]

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Price Point New Product Showcase- Deity, SRAM X1

In an on going effort to provide you with exceptional product at the lowest prices we are constantly negotiating with vendors to bring you the best they have to offer. When we get that new product it … [Read More...]

The Price Point “How To” Series is Here!

As a cycling enthusiast we know that you are not content just buying a bike and riding it. You want to know the ins and outs of how it works and how to customize it to your specific needs. In short … [Read More...]


You voted, the Price Point team voted and the results are in. We asked “what is your favorite mountain bike trail in the US”. We had many responses from the widely known to the most obscure trails in … [Read More...]

Just Barnes' recently stolen bike

The 5 steps to Recover from Bike Theft

Something struck a chord recently when I came across this Facebook plea for help.  A desperate victim posted this on their Facebook timeline for help from the public to find his beloved custom bike: … [Read More...]

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Caution Ahead: What NOT to do as a Spectator of a Cycling Race

What NOT to do as a Spectator: Lessons learned at Cairns World Cup For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Cairns World Cup, it is an annual race where over 300 of the world's top performing … [Read More...]

How to write a blog post: The formula to follow

According to Hubspot, 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog and 46% of people read blogs more than once a day. Blogging clearly has a large impact … [Read More...]

How to find new content and ideas for blog posts

A company's blog an important piece of organic growth and staying connected with our audience. Improving the quality and effectiveness of a blog will require adding consistent, high quality content, … [Read More...]

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Hidden down a small road just off of the Winchester exit on the 15 Freeway, the Intense Factory is neatly tucked in a small business park in Temecula California. In fact, if you didn’t have an address or know where you were going, it is likely that you would miss the company with over 23k friends […]