Price Point – Supporting a Cause – Maintaining and rebuilding better trails

Price Point – Supporting a Cause


Price Point Supports Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association … show your support at the Mt. Wilson Bicycle Association Pancake Breakfast and Raffle, Sunday November 16th – to improve and maintain local bike trails.

Price Point is proud to support the Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association a terrific non-profit organization located in Pasadena. Comprised of a hardcore group of passionate volunteers who are also members of IMBA, MWBA working relentlessly to maintain and improve local trails and promote trail courtesy and safety.

About the Organization

The Mount Wilson Bicycling Association (MWBA) was formed in 1986 by Alan Armstrong, a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, initially to help educate riders about trail courtesy and safety. Shortly thereafter MWBA got involved with trail maintenance to give back to the Forest community and help the Forest Service to maintain the hundreds of miles of trails in the Angeles National Forest. Trail maintenance is an important and vital part of our active outdoor community as trail maintenance keeps trails safe and viable for all trail activities including biking, hiking, running, and equestrian pursuits.

In 2011, MWBA became an official IMBA Chapter. What does that mean? It means MWBA is a non-profit organization that is part of a larger, unified voice for trail advocacy. We now have the resources and professional services of an international organization to be more effective as a local organization to protect and improve mountain biking opportunities and advocate on behalf of our beloved trails.

Your dollars at work

Because of our supportive membership base, we are out there the third weekend of every month on Sunset Ridge Trail or one of the other local trails that may need attention. The funds we raise from membership dollars and our famous Pancake Breakfast allows us to purchase the necessary tools and materials to continue our work.

The Future Looks Bright

We work with the SoCal High School Cycling League to teach the next generation the importance of trail maintenance and trail etiquette. We work with ALL the teams on the league, but we do sponsor our local team, San Gabriel Valley Composite (SGV Composite). We feel if we catch them while they are still young and impressionable, they will continue the legacy of our original founders.

Our mission has changed very little over the years. MWBA still advocates responsible trail use in the San Gabriel Mountains and we still work on trails that need maintenance due to use, weather and age. If you are interested in giving back to the community by working on a trail and meeting cool mountain bikers, come on out and join us!

Where we meet

The club meets on the third Sunday of each month from 8am till noon to work on a section of trail. Work might include repairing landslides, building retaining walls, or clearing poison oak from the trail. Afterwards lunch is provided by the club. The money that is raised at the pancake breakfast and from membership dues helps fund the projects and to buy tools for the club.

The club has also partnered up with SCOA (Southern California Outdoor Adventures) if you volunteer for two trail work days you can earn a free Mt. Wilson shuttle to the top of the mountain for a 14 mile epic downhill run.

**If you have an organization you would like for us consider sponsoring or highlighting in our blog please contact [email protected]

Show your support…

About Price Point – we’re more than just great prices!

Started by riders, Staffed by riders, Serving Riders…. Everyday

At its core, Price Point is fueled by a talented and dedicated team of riders from racers to weekend warriors who not only share your passion, but understand your needs. You don’t just get a great deal at Price Point, you get great products backed by the service and support of industry experts. So whether you’re calling customer service, Tweeting us or stopping by our booth at your local race, you’re connecting with someone who rides.

Founded in 1995, Price Point started with a simple but profound goal: to provide cycling enthusiasts with the finest bike components, bike gear, bike parts, from the best brands, at the lowest possible prices and deliver it faster than anyone else.

While we have evolved from a humble print catalog to the premier online retailer of cycling products, we haven’t lost sight of that vision.

From the mind of a Hall of Famer, Pioneer, a visionary comes Breezer. Now at Price Point


Joe Breeze had a vision and he turned that vision into the mountain bike. Growing up in Marin County near San Francisco, Joe like most kids road his bike to school but when his friends moved on to cars, Joe stayd on his bike. He became a competitive road cyclist and his love affair with two wheels was cast in stone.  In 1974 Joe started designing frames and by 1977 he developed what is widely considered the first mountain bike. By 1978 Breeze started taking orders for his new bike the “Breezer” and then never stopped innovating. in 1980-1981 Breeze went on to design and build a second series of Breezer mountain bikes with oversize tubing in a diamond frame, and in 1982 to 1985 he built a third series. Breeze continued to develop and refine his mountain bike designs in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1986 he designed the American Breezer, an aluminum mountain bike built in St. Cloud, Minnesota. In the 1990s he designed a line of steel and aluminum Breezer bikes sold worldwide. Mountain bike models included the Breezer Lightning, Jet Stream, Thunder, Storm, Beamer, Twister, and Tornado.The 1993 Breezer Venturi, a road bike, featured compact geometry, which later became standard in the industry.

Breeze did not spend all of his time in the shop however, he had to test those designs out. Joe continued to race competitively and helped pioneer the sport of mountain biking. The was one of the founders of NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association) and even designed the logo. He was a champion for the rule that stated all riders must do their own repairs. Breeze went on to focus on transportation bikes and again won critical acclaim for his designs and innovation gathering more editors choice awards than all other bike brands combined. Breeze sold the company in 2008 but stayed on as a designer. His original designs can be seen in museums such as the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, where he is a charter member. They are also on display at the Shimano Museum in Osaka, Japan, and Breezer #1, the first modern mountain bike, will be on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Price Point is proud and honored to introduce Breezer to our product line.


Breezer cycle technology at









The Price Point “How To” Series is Here!

As a cycling enthusiast we know that you are not content just buying a bike and riding it. You want to know the ins and outs of how it works and how to customize it to your specific needs. In short you want to wrench your own ride. Price Point is here for you with our brand new”How To” series. We will show you everything from how to unpack your Pro-Build  to installing pedals. Changing a tube to custom fitting your bike and much more.  In the weeks to come we will launch new “How To” videos that are easy to understand and follow along with. This week Chad will show you how to install pedals. Maybe you can do it on a bike just like this. These are the things you will need to follow along with Chad and install your own pedals.

Pedal Wrench

Bike Grease

Do you have questions or ideas for future how to videos? Send me a message at [email protected]

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You voted, the Price Point team voted and the results are in. We asked “what is your favorite mountain bike trail in the US”. We had many responses from the widely known to the most obscure trails in the country but all of them look amazing. There is definitely a lean to the west on this list with only one of the top ten east of the Mississippi. Now if I can figure out how to find the time to take them all on. The voting was close but here are the top five.

Porcupine Rim – Moab, UT

The first of several Moab trails to make the top 20, no surprise there. I was surprised not to see The Whole Enchilada in the top 5 though. This trail is rated a 4 (difficult) so hydration is key. We offer some great hydration packs to get your ride started out right.

Snow Summit – Big Bear, CA

This one is close to Price Point so maybe that skewed the voting a little bit. Still an amazing trail that is worth the visit. Snow Summit has Southern California’s only chair lifts for mountain bikers. Use your Go Pro going up the lift and down the hill. They have a limited season so get out there this summer.

Copper Harbor Trails – Copper Harbor, Michigan

Some of the most breathtakingly beautiful trails in the nation. Situated on Lake Superior on Michigan picturesque upper peninsula. This is our only top fiver in the eastern half of the country. It can get wet and muddy here so be sure to bring along your mud jacket

Silver Mountain MTB Well – Kellogg, Idaho

Consistently rated as one of the best MTB Parks in the country, you don’t want to miss this one.  They have trails for everyone but if you are an experienced rider venture out to the lower mountain for 3,300 feet of vertical descent.  You might want to have an Intense Pro Build on your rack when you go.

Boot Leg Canyon Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s in the middle of the desert, it’s hot, it’s grueling but it will test your mettle. If your up for the challenge take on this technical monster. It can be rocky but it is close to the Hoover Damn and Lake Mead if you need a break. Don’t hit the trail without your Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Bib Shorts.

No list is ever perfect but this is what Price Point Nation had to say. Do you have your own list? Let’s hear it.

VIDEO | Danny MacAskill in Taichung, Taiwan


Filmed, Edited and Directed by Stu Thomson of Cut Media, “Danny MacAskill in Taiwan” follows Danny MacAskill as he explores Taichung, Taiwan for the first time and visits the Lezyne Taiwan facility for some awesome urban riding.

For more behind-the-scenes Danny MacAskill content  go to; and Enter to Win the MacAskill Signature Series Set. Contest opens 7th August 2013.