VIDEO | Aaron Hodgkin on San Diego’s UTTV

Price Point rider Aaron Hodgkin was recently featured on San Diego’s UTTV. Check out this segment where Aaron shreds some Temecula trails, encourages beginners to get involved and gives Price Point a proper shout out.

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VIDEO | Snow Summit Opens Big Bear Bike Park

Today marks opening day at Snow Summit in Big Bear, California.

Located just a short drive from Price Point‘s headquarters in the San Bernardino Mountains, Snow Summit has long been the closest lift-served downhill option for thousands of Southern California riders. While many remember the NORBA days and downhill racing on the ski slopes, legal problems eventually brought the sanctioned fun to a close. In recent years, riders have been able to ride Snow Summit’s lifts, only to roll off resort property and onto forest service land where steep and loose ungroomed trails awaited. While this was plenty fun for most gravity riders, others pined for the sculpted flow of a real bike park.

Today the wait is officially over—Snow Summit resort officially introduces the new Miracle Mile trail, a brand-new, lift-served downhill trail sculpted by none other than Gravity Logic, the team behind much of Whistler and other world-class bike parks.

Snow Summit Bike Park Map

Although technically one trail, Miracle Mile splits into several different “route options” before converging again near the base of the mountain. The trail boasts sweeping S-turns, 34 berms, six rollers, 10 jumps and three wood features including a 30-foot bridge, diving board and berm. The above video offers a sneak peek.

Snow Summit says it plans on opening at least three new trails in addition to existing trails with accessibility for all levels by the end of summer. Officially tagged the “Snow Summit Adventure Park,” the resort hints at zip-lines and a host of other sans-snow activities to make the most of the summer months.

The Snow Summit Adventure Park is open all three days Memorial weekend, and on weekends only until mid-June, at which time it becomes open seven days a week. Lift tickets—previously $25 in the summer months—are now $32.

Stay tuned for on-site opening-day updates and first impressions from Price Point rider Aaron Hodgkin.

by Don Stefanovich

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VIDEO | Darren Berrecloth crushes it in Five Ten’s new Freerider VXi

Shoes don’t make the man, but when it comes to traction, Five Ten’s Stealth Rubber compound has firm footing—pun intended—in the flat-pedal realm. Granted, Darren Berrecloth could probably shred in fuzzy bunny slippers and plastic pedals, but we’d rather watch him give the new Freerider VXi a proper flogging in this clip. The new VXi features a sole design designed to maked readjustment easier, as well as being lighter and narrower overall.

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VIDEO | Chasing Trail: Curtis Keene

Enduro racer Curtis Keene has ridden trails all over the world. From dry, desert rock to deep forest singletrack, he says it’s all about getting after it and experiencing what’s out there. “We’re chasing trail,” Keene says in this edit from Avid brakes. “I’ve got to work this bug out of my system. I have many different fixes—the bike is great for that. It’s my addiction.” Here, Keene slays some Sedona singletrack to satiate the monkey on his back.

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VIDEO | Aaron Gwin Redefines Fast

Troy Lee Designs rider Aaron Gwin is fast—a fact he’s proven time and time again—but it’s still awe-inspiring to see him in action. Clay Porter’s lens captured him in action in Idyllwild, CA, for this edit from Red Bull Media House.

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VIDEO | Nicolas Vouilloz Tests SRAM Enduro Wheels in Peillon

Nico Vouilloz counts 10 World Champion titles and five World Cup wins to his credit, making him one of the most decorated downhill mountain bikers in the world. He’s also a rally car champion, but now Nico has his sights on the inaugural Enduro World Series season. Rising to popularity due to embracing an all-mountain riding style, enduro racing requires equipment light enough for the ups but tough enough for the downs—a stark contrast to the extreme specialized setups of cross-country or downhill specific bikes and equipment. Here, Nico puts SRAM‘s new mountain wheels through the ringer in Peillon, France, as he gets them dialed for enduro in this, “The Relentless Pursuit of Balance.”

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VIDEO | Fabien Barel Presents: Season 2 Trailer

Mavic‘s own Fabien Barel is back for another season of “Fabien Barel Presents.” Debuting in June, Season 2 will follow Fabien as he delves tread first into the trails, culture and food of diverse destinations such as Scotland and Sicily alongside the likes of Jerome Clementz and Joe Barnes. Be jealous and enjoy the trailer.

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VIDEO | 2013 Fox Head Gear Tested by Kirt Voreis and Tyler McCaul in Bend, OR

Check out Fox Head athletes Kirt Voreis and Tyler McCaul ripping trail bikes on some sublime singletrack in Bend, OR as they put the 2013 Fox Head all-mountain and trail gear through its paces with some exhaustive R&D.

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VIDEO | Troy Lee Designs A1 Enduro Helmet

Troy Lee Designs spent nearly three years crafting its most recent entry into the half-lid all-mountain/enduro market, and it looks as if it’s been well worth the wait.

The TLD A1 features full coverage and an aggressive style, making it a worthy contender for today’s emerging crop of enduro racers and all-mountain riders. Sixteen large vents coupled with a specially designed air-channeling visor are designed to keep the rider cool, while a deep rear profile provides more coverage than a traditional trail helmet.

TLD has a history in motorcycle racing, and it shows. In addition to the aggressive lines, the company has applied a paint/graphics process used in moto helmets—very unconventional to bicycle helmets—along with anodized hardware to create a unique and custom moto-inspired look.

Whether you are an elite enduro athlete or an after-work ripper, the long-awaited A1 was developed for you and the love of your sport.

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