Adding an Image Through Google DFP SB.

How to load a new image into a pre-defined ad zone through Google DFP (Ad Server)

Google Doubclick for Publishers Small Business is a free to use Ad Server available to any business looking to control zones, ads, and creatives on a website. An ad server makes managing the images and zones a much simpler task, especially when a website is comprised of hundreds or thousands of zones.

The steps to add or replace an image for a specific zone are as follows:

  • Log in to your Google DFP account here:
  • Setup a new ‘Order’ for your sale or campaign
  • Add a new ‘Line Item’ for the ad zone you want to update
  • Specify the Line Item options
  • Add your creative (image, video, ect)
  • Approve your order
  • Wait for propagation to see your updated image in the ad zone.

Logging in to your Google DFP account

If you’ll be updating ad zones, you’ll need a login to the company’s DFP account. If you do not already have a login, please see the Web Manager to receive a login.

Login at

How to setup a new ‘Order’

For our test run, we’ll be replacing an image on the Kestrel brand page; we want to update an image in the sidebar for a new promotion we’ll be running.

Once logged in, you’ll be directed to the DFP overview screen. The main navigation that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with is the Order menu and the Inventory menu.

Before setting up your new order, let’s make sure that we have the correct image and proper sizing to fill the ad zone we want.

  • Navigate to the ‘Inventory‘ page
  • Find the ad zone you want to replace. For this example, we’re finding Brand_Kestrel_Sidebar_A_210x323
  • View the ad unit’s available image sizes under the ‘Size‘ column.

The Kestrel sidebar images allow a 205×343 or a 210×323 image size. If we need to add a different image size, please contact the Web Manager for assistance.

Once we know we have the correct image size, we can confidently setup our new order.

  • Navigate to the ‘Orders‘ screen
  • Click the ‘New order‘ button, just below the main navigation
  • Name your order. A good name describes what the order is for. I.e. The Big Sale – April Promos
  • Advertiser: PricePoint
  • Name: Add your first line item. Each line item specifies creatives for specific ad zones. For our example I’ll use, “Kestrel – Sidebar – Big Sale Promo”
  • Inventory Size: Fill in your Inventory Size with the image’s width and height.
  • Comments: Add any comments applicable to the image
  • Type: Sponsorship (or other appropriate priority level)
  • Start Time: When you want the creative to begin appearing in the ad zone
  • End Time: Set an expiration date for the creative to stop displaying
  • Goal: Leave 100% unless you’d like to specify a portion of impressions for each creative.
  • Rate / Discount: Skip
  • Display Creatives: One or more
  • Rotate Creatives: Optimized
  • Day and Time: Can specify specific times to display each line item
  • Frequency: Set a user cap to limit ad frequency per viewer

Add Targeting

  • Inventory: Select ‘Ad units’ and find your application ad unit (these units can be found on the Inventory page)
  • Optional: set additional targeting criteria: Geography, Devices, Connection

Once set, click the ‘Save and upload creatives’ option at the bottom of the page.

If your new image WILL be linked to something

  • Select the image from your computer
  • Add a link / URL
  • Add the creative’s ALT text (SEO)
  • Save

If your new image WILL NOT be linked to something

  • Add a third party creative
  • Add your custom HTML code

Now you can choose to upload another creative or add a new line item to target other Ad zones you want to update.

Once you’ve completed adding your line items, click Approve to approve your Order and begin delivering your new creatives.

If an order is approved and has creatives ready for it, the line item’s status will read Ready.

When the order begins to deliver the new creative, its status will update to Delivering.

Updating an ad zone requires 5-10 for full propagation (you should not expect to see your new image until 5 – 10 minutes after approval).