DIGITAL DOPING | Performance Enhancing Website Skewers Strava

Digital EPO Skewers Strava

Computers can’t pee in a cup.

Does Strava take itself too seriously? Do its users?

The creators of a new website seem to think so. allows users to “dope” their Strava times by exporting the data from a Garmin or similar device, uploading it to the website and increasing speed, lowering heart rate and increasing climbing by any desired percentage. The data is then able to be uploaded to Strava, much to the chagrin of conscientious KOMers.

While cyclists who roll their eyes at the “cyber cult” of Strava will likely find humor in the site, many riders who seem to hold Strava times sacred are already voicing outrage on Internet forums and Twitter.

The site also contains a link to a parody of Strava called Skata, which takes shots at Strava‘s code of ethics: “We watch out for one another. The community watches out for us by upgrading to our Premium Account so we can buy carbon bicycles and lattes.”

The site also seems to have an opinion on the Flint family lawsuit.

While plenty of riders have already figured out ways to cheat Strava off road and on, has dragged the issue out into the open, raising some interesting questions.

Strava has already come under criticism for encouraging reckless riding and eroding courtesy and camaraderie on the trails, but are there further ethical questions to be answered in regard to digital doping? Is altering data in the ethereal cloud of cycling competition really cheating? Will the ability to digitally dope invalidate the efforts of those who have earned their times?

by Don Stefanovich

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  1. Chuck Duke says:

    If a time doesn’t have a power meter, its suspect. eDoping means you can’t change the wattage that your power meter recorded. Anyone training with a power meter can call out BS when they see it on a segment. So eDoping will improve the speed but the power will stay the same if recorded by a power meter.

    TCX and GPX files are XML – edit them yourself with a simple text editor if you think sitting in front of a computer to climb an exercise leader board is better than actually doing the exercise.

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