Price Point New Product Showcase- Deity, SRAM X1

In an on going effort to provide you with exceptional product at the lowest prices we are constantly negotiating with vendors to bring you the best they have to offer. When we get that new product it is like Christmas morning at Price Point the whole place abuzz with excitement. As cycling enthusiast we realized we need to share that excitement with you. So we started the New Product Showcase. A few times a month we will feature a product new to Price Point, give you a little background and all the specs. Let us know what you think, make suggestion for other new products, get involved with the process make Price Point “your store”.

This month we are pleased to bring the Diety line to Price Point.

deity, pedals, anodized


Out of the quiet secluded farmlands of Idaho emerges Deity Components whose innovative and prismatic componentry design and style continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the MTB industry. Founded in 2004 and born from the passion and vision of owner Eric Davies. He took his decade of industry experience and continuous desire to develop Deity for their devoted and growing riders to inovate a brand and product line that continues to impress. 100% rider owned, operated and designed it has to be used to be fully appreciated.


Our second product comes from SRAM. SRAM is no stranger to Price Point and continues to exceed all expectations with their X1 line.

ONE FOR ALL. From SRAM X1 comes the integrated drivetrain engineered in Germany for every rider and every trail. The simple, smart and synchronized design delivers confidence in the face of any terrain—from cross-country racing to all-mountain adventure. With our super-wide 10-42 gear range and multiple chain ring options, it’s the universal drivetrain for experienced or new-to-the-trail riders. Featuring our X-SYNC™ chain rings, optimized MINI CLUSTER™ cassette and dependable X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur, X1 puts the power of the SRAM 1X philosophy into every ride. SRAM X1. LIMITLESS.

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