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With its sleek lines, dramatic curves and explosive colors, an Intense bike is a rock chewing, cliff jumping, berm bending work of art. It is also a technological masterpiece.

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Intense Aluminum frames are still proudly made in their factory in Temecula, California by skilled craftsmen, machinists and welders. Intense Carbon Fiber frames are designed and assembled in California. Why is Intense one of the very few-remaining US bicycle manufacturers? When all others have flown the coop, why stay put? Why do they bother to keep manufacturing in the US? It’s harder, more expensive, puts a heavier burden on resources and is the cause of many sleepless nights for many people – so why deal with the extra hassle? The reason is as simple as it is complicated, but in short – it’s their way of keeping the American Dream alive.


Lighter. Stronger. Better. Carbon fiber is the frame material of choice for the most discerning, most competitive riders and racers. Intense's German-engineered carbon combines optimum stiffness and damping with minimum weight for a superior and responsive ride.


From the original mountain bike frame made on his kitchen table in Lake Elsinore, California in 1990, to those being produced today, Intense Cycles founder, designer and president, Jeff Steber has taken his artform seriously. It is his personal mission to design and refine each model to achieve the highest possible level of performance and craftsmanship. Steber has spent over 20 years developing this art. He works closely with industry leaders and professional racers to utilize the latest technology in order to produce a product unmatched by any competitor.