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Carbon Frames: reactive pressure molding

Reactive Pressure Molding (RPM) allows Litespeed to precisely control the internal structure and wall thickness of the carbon frame during manufacturing. The result is higher performance with no weight penalty plus additional benefits of improved strength, impact resistance and stiffness.

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C-SERIES: Lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic bike that won't take your wallet for a steep ride

L-SERIES: Ride like a pro with this UCI-approved, race-ready series of road bikes

AeroLogic: aerodynamic frame design

AeroLogic is the incorporation of aerodynamic elements into Litespeed frame design without the penalty of excess weight.AeroLogic features found it the design of every Litespeed Road Bike include unique shrouded water bottle mounts, morphed shaping of seat stays and adjustable aero seat posts.

What does that mean to you? For you, AeroLogic translates into a huge savings in rider energy solely based on frame design.

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Litespeed was established in 1986 and was the creator and innovator of the first modern titanium bike frames.

Though Litespeed is frequently associated with titanium, the company has remained current and introduced a line of carbon bicycles in 2010. The carbon line of bikes continues Litespeed's heritage of unparalleled technology coupled with unique, wind-tunnel tested designs.

From an early innovator in titanium with humble roots, Litespeed has evolved into a global lifestyle and race brand and leader in composite technology worldwide.