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Hayes Stroker Trail/Carbon/Gram Pads

$20.00 - $30.00
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Hayes Stroker Trail/Carbon/Gram Pads

Other brake systems use organic friction materials in their brake pads to insulate the caliper from the heat generated during extreme braking. Unfortunately, this can transfer heat back to the rotor causing brake fade and degraded performance. In addition when the trail gets wet or muddy they wear more rapidly. To address these issues Hayes developed a special semi-metallic pad material for Harley-Davidson motorcycles that provides the same positive braking... dry, wet or muddy. This technology has been passed down to the Hayes bicycle division where it can be found on the Stroker Ryde replacement pads.

  • Semi-metalic compound with alloy (aluminum) backplate
  • Semi-metalic compound with steel backplate
  • Sintered metallic compound with steel backplate
  • Alloy backplate option reduces weight and helps dissipate heat
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Great pads. Sintered metallic. - Sep 26, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

Hayes strokers are a very good bargain and the sinteredetalic pads bite very good. They went noisy at all except if they get wet then the first time will make a bit of noise when there's water in the rotor. I would go with the most aggressive brake material because I don't mind wearin them out but they seem to last very long even with aggressive trail riding. The original pads lasted 2 years and now I'm on my second set. I recommend and would get them again.

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