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Magura MT 2 Disc Brake

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Magura MT 2 Disc Brake

As with the MT4, the brake lever supplied on the basic model in the MT range is made from CARBOTECTURE. The two-piece brake caliper provides for a more economic production process, and MAGURA passes on this price advantage directly to the end customer. As a basic model, the MT2 is only behind its bigger sisters in tipping the scales, as it delivers the same braking power and optimum lever geometry as the models toward the top end of the range. Value-for-money even for the thrifty - and for all those who aspire to thrift.

  • Carbotexture body
  • Lever and clamp are manufactured from aluminum
  • Feel Safety-Ergonomics
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)
  • Weight 345g (with 160mm Storm rotor sold separately)

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Q: I see that these are not sold as front or rear. How do you adjust the hose length, or do you have to build these?

A: If using these on the front you will have to cut the hose to fit.

Q: Good morning, these brakes are both together or just one? Thank you

A: These are sold individually. A quantity of one is one brake front or rear.

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Why Pay More? - May 09, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Windsor, MO

Many think that the more you spend the more you get and in some cases that is true, but these brakes do not follow that rule at all. Magura's brakes are all at the same level so the only thing you are paying for is how light they are!! These brakes feel amazing compared to Avid and Shimano! They are very quiet, work amazing well and are cheap compared to the rest! These do not leak, need bled often, need adjusted often, etc etc! They also look great and are designed well. The bleed screw is on top of the cylinder if you need to bleed them, the levers are easily replaced and asjusted to suit your liking, and pads are also easy to replace!

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